Our mission, vision and identity

We practice, study and teach peace.

We hold the vision of a global community of individuals who are at peace with themselves and each other.

We are a network of individuals who have chosen to support one another in the process of discovering and practicing peace in our lives. We are an interdisciplinary platform for peace exchange.

Our beliefs and values

  • We believe that peace is a human birthright.
  • We believe that discovering peace is a process not an event.
  • We believe that self-examination is the primary tool for discovering peace.
  • We believe that the most important tool in discovering sustainable peace lies in sharing an ongoing, compassionate, supportive process of self-examination with one another.
  • We value an interdisciplinary approach to peacebuilding.  
  • We value diversity.

Our methods

Our primary method is to enable exchange among a variety of peacebuilding tools and methods that align with our beliefs and values.

Our current approaches:

    • 12 Step Method
    • Performing Arts
    • Psychodrama and Sociodrama
    • Contemplative/Mindfulness Practice
    • Applied Spirituality
    • Cross-cultural and Interdisciplinary Exchange

We remain open to new methods and collaborate with organizations who have complementary goals and methods.  We invite collaboration with experts in a wide variety of fields related to peacebuilding.

What do we do?

We organize education and exchange events that connect people who are searching for peace in their lives and communities. Our projects enable an exchange of ideas, people and methods. Our flagship conferences explore all the approaches from our portfolio. We also produce specific workshops that focus on individual methods from our portfolio. We produce live-workshops, conferences and online peacebuilding courses.

On-line platform

We are working on developing on-line education and support system for peacebuilding and peace exchange.